Color Catalogs

  • The ShadeFactory™ Color Catalog developed by Huntsman with over 2000 shade selections immediately available for preparation into “ready-to- go” color standards
  • Great tools for color palette creation
  • Thousands of color inspirations and possibilities to minimize time and reduce costs
  • Designer's Tool Box by Soji - a quick starting-point reference for initial color inspiration. 
  • Recipes are backed by Huntsman Global Technical Support

Color Standards

  • Reliable color standards on various substrates for successful production and quick distribution to manufacturers around the globe.
  • Performance Based Standards to meet end product fastness requirements.
  • Ensured quality of apparel shade matching 
  • Increases speed of products to market 
  • Our standards are manufactured for easy reproduction by mills, minimized metamerism, robust processes with reproducible results, diverse application process on a variety of substrates.
  • Global distribution and custom designed formats for each brand/retailer's specific requirements

Custom Color Development

  • Custom color development of signature colors on a variety of substrates to differentiate and identify brand image by introducing new colors that enhance the latest fashion trends.
  • State of the art sample dye facility.

Palette Development Tools

  • We provide options to assist designers and product management teams in creating the dazzling designs and dashing colors that your customers are looking for.  
  • Color cards
  • Ring sets
  • Design swatches
  • Palette cards. 

Technical Services and Global Tech Support

  • Technical services for color and fabric evaluation and lab dip and bulk production color assessment. 
  • A worldwide technical support team of on-the-ground specialists in 110 countries who can translate color standards into reproducible, on time, fit for purpose production - anywhere in the world where fabric is dyed and finished.